About us

The Norwegian Tilers Forum is a source of up-to-date knowledge on every aspect of building-ceramics.

The building ceramics industry is always developing. Standards and laws are constantly changing – so are customers’ needs and demands. New solutions demand that tiler’s update their competence. Examples include large format installations, correct drainage angles and outdoor tiling. The goal of NFF is to provide you better knowledge, a professional network and peace of mind in your profession. We will make the tilers in Norway more knowledgeable.

A cohesive industry for increased knowledge

The Norwegian Tilers Forum is a part of The Norwegian Building Ceramics Association, an industry association for manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic tiles, adhesives and sealants, membranes, radiant floor heating and other related products.

The Building Ceramics School – We make it easy for you to stay professionally up to date

The Building Ceramics School collaborates with The Norwegian Tilers Forum, in order to help the tiling industry stay professionally updated. In today’s market, more and more requirements are imposed on both design and products. Are you up to date on all new regulations and requirements, and prepared for future trends? Visit the Building Ceramics School here.